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The Tree of Life!

The Tree of Life!

There is nothing like a walk through the park to seek relief from the thick and stagnant air of an office conference room. I found myself feeling lighter underneath the trees as I cooled off in their shade that lined my path. In this moment of clarity, I was inspired by the resilience of the natural landscape before me. Season after season, the maple trees emerge from relentlessly cold months and come to full bloom like background music to all who pass by. Within minutes of being in their presence, I was instantly at ease.

Something about this walk in the park seemed to transcend the restorative experience of being in nature. Sure, the ethereal setting of the park helped quiet my mind, but when reflecting on the strength of the trees, I was encouraged by their innate ability to thrive after months of staying dormant. I'm not alone in my appreciation for their natural fortitude. Humans have been fascinated by trees since the dawn of time. In early human civilization, spiritual practices praised the symbol of the tree.

Historical texts refer to this symbol as the tree of life. This ancient motif represents the source of life from which humans are believed to descend. Folktales recount that its fruits offer everlasting life to those who reap the tree's harvest.

Like the trees, resilience is inherent to each of us. We adapt to the climate of circumstance and remain grounded with roots firmly planted when the winds of adversity shake our branches. No matter how harsh the winter strikes, we bloom again, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere for life to flourish. I breathe a little easier knowing that I can look to the trees to help bear the weight of the humidity in my life. If you feel as though you have exhausted your will to persevere, just open your palm. Like the growth rings on a tree trunk, the lines of your fingerprints tell the story of the tree of life that blooms within you.