Helping Others Heal

Thank you for helping others heal.

Every time you make a purchase from Healing Hearts, we donate a portion of the proceeds for charitable purposes. The organizations listed below are truly making a difference in the lives of others. We are giving back so they can continue to offer help and support to those who need it. 

American Humane

American Humane has been dedicated to the protection of animals for 140 years and was awarded the title of “Top-Rated Charity” by the American Institute of Philanthropy’s CharityWatch in 2018. With this honor, American Humane joins only a select few of the roughly 600 charities monitored by the service. American Humane meets the 20 Standards of Charity Accountability and Transparency and has the highest ratio of any national humane organization with eighty-six cents of every dollar raised going directly into programs. Their work includes disaster response, emergency training, adoption outreach and more. American Humane is often confused with the Humane Society of the United States, who also advocates for the well-being of animals but has poorer reviews and practices.

Eleventh Hour Rescue

Eleventh Hour Rescue is a nonprofit, 100% no-kill, volunteer based organization dedicated to saving the lives of innocent dogs and cats. Many of them are rescued at their Eleventh Hour-when they are scheduled to be put down by other shelters that can no longer care for them. They give their dogs and cats all the medical attention they require, a place to live, and through their extensive adoption services, a second chance at a happy and fulfilled life. Eleventh Hour Rescue is not subsidized by government grants and receives no major corporate funding. They rely solely on the generosity of their volunteers, the community and animal lovers everywhere.

Open to Hope

Open to Hope® is a non-profit organization with the mission of helping people find hope after loss, giving a voice to grief and recovery. The online community features more than 530 authors who have collectively written 7000+ articles, podcasts and blogs, plus a guide to the award-winning TV series, "Open to Hope," featuring people who have suffered loss and found hope again. To date, Open to Hope has helped more than 2 million people in 26 countries find hope. 

Yorkie911 Rescue

This charity holds a special place in my heart because it is where I adopted Barney, my heart dog. Founded in 2010, Yorkie911 Rescue is a non-profit organization of dedicated volunteers who rescue, vet and re-home Yorkshire terriers and other small breed dogs. Their stated mission is to find perfect adoptive homes for the dogs in their care as well as raising awareness about Yorkies and other small breed dogs.