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Adding a pinch of purpose!

Adding a pinch of purpose!

The topic of my blog, truly came to me in the most unorthodox way this particular Saturday morning. As I glanced outside my kitchen window, with its eerily dark and unwelcoming sky, I surprisingly found more than enough energy to start cleaning out a pantry closet that had been begging for an overhaul for quite some time.

As I made my way past the expired canned goods and condiments, I noticed that there was something wedged between two of the bottom shelves. Instantly, I knew this was Nanny’s old telephone address book that I hadn’t actually seen in nearly ten years. The weathered piece of nostalgia provided me with a glimpse of her unmistakable penmanship. As I thumbed through the thin book, on the second to last page, I noticed she had listed all of the ingredients found in her splendid holiday cookie recipe.

Softened salted butter, light brown sugar, vanilla and flour were listed as top ingredients, but there was something different in her notation about flour that provided me with my inspiration to write. She had clearly highlighted the words (all purpose) in parentheses.

I started to wonder about the power of purpose and what that truly meant. The process of finding and putting purpose into action, requires us to not only align with our values and goals, but to also provide an extra boost of stamina to propel us forward.

I know that when Barney died, a piece of my own personal purpose died with him. But, only after the passage of time and grueling hard work, was I able to learn and build my new mission, which I now passionately refer to as, Healing Hearts.

So the next time you have the opportunity to look deep inside, ask yourself if your energy is directed to how you want to spend your time. If you are waking up every morning with enthusiasm and drive, your measured steps are taking you in the right direction.

If we pursue our true purpose, one that’s filled with clarity, direction and meaning, I believe we can all enjoy the sweetest recipe life has to offer each and every day.