Our Story

To understand how I got here, let me start at the beginning.  August 5th, 2012 was a magical day for me.  On that warm summer afternoon, I adopted my boy, Barney.  A four-year-old maltese mix that was destined to be my heart dog.  For seven glorious years, I was blessed to wake up to a wagging tail, kisses galore and a faithful furry companion who loved me every minute of every single day.

Fast forward to August, 3rd, 2019.  At exactly 8:45 am Barney died.  Severe pulmonary hypertension had claimed Barney’s life.  A yelp, an instant collapse and total stillness filled my once happy sanctuary.

After my initial shock wore off, I knew I would need to grieve. I literally felt like I had a hole in my heart and I could hear nothing but my screams of anguish. I researched and scoured the internet to see if I was missing something that would make an unpleasant journey more palatable, but unfortunately the only way out of this pain was pushing through and meeting grief head on.

Hence, Healing Hearts, One Stitch at a Time was created.  Since loss is a common thread that we will all share as we travel through our life’s journey, I wanted to encourage and empower anyone suffering from loss that they too could mend their broken heart.  

It is my wish, that you are kind to yourself as you travel a bumpy road, but I hope you never lose faith that you will emerge a stronger human being.

To my Barney.  I say thank you for..........everything.



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