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The Little Corduroy Coat!

The Little Corduroy Coat!

It was Thursday afternoon, just slightly after 12:00 pm and I was more than happy to be going home a little earlier for lunch. Little did I know that I would soon be experiencing something that was not listed as a “top ten” thing to do on my bucket list. As I turned on my blinker and made my usual left hand turn into the driveway, I could hear myself mutter the word uh-oh as I put my car into park.

The wet pavement spoke volumes as I impatiently waited for the grinding sound of my garage door to pause long enough so I could take a peak inside. To my dismay, I had experienced a flood. A quick scan of the interior confirmed that a pipe had burst and items that had resided comfortably for most of the year in their favorite spots, were now in jeopardy to find another, more permanent resting place. Unfortunately, this included many of my favorite winter outfits that belonged to Barney.

I was face to face with a different type of adversity and I needed to try to manage my expectations as to what could be salvaged at this very moment.

Creating expectations are often inevitable in times of hardship. For some, expectations seem like our only way of exerting control over an unfavorable situation. We think that the more we ponder a tangible outcome in an attempt to solve a problem, the more likely we are to achieve clarity. Unfortunately, the reverse is often what occurs.

As hours passed and I started to lose daylight, I was ready to pack Barney’s little yellow corduroy coat and faux fur hooded jacket into the last giant Hefty bag that remained. I grabbed my emergency lantern from upstairs to take one last look at what would be carted away the very next day. As I held the lantern up, I could see how its brilliant light glowed through the darkness. I decided to let go of any limiting belief I had and would momentarily bask in the warmth of a light that shined from within. I refused to let this inconvenience dampen my liberated spirit.