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The Fire Within!

The Fire Within!

Now that colder days are upon us, turning on the fireplace has become a daily ritual for me. Within minutes, the chill disappears, transforming my room into a warmer, more inviting space. As the fire ignited, I was inspired by the spontaneity of the flames before me. With the click of a button, a tiny spark in my electric fireplace gave way to a multitude of glowing flames that danced to the rhythm of the embers.

Being surrounded by this warm energy instantly boosted my mood. I couldn’t help but question how something so simple could be so uplifting. It turns out, the desire to get cozy near a fire is in our human nature. This practice dates back to ancient history when fire was relied upon to sustain life. Early humans sought comfort around a fire because it signaled the preparation of food and radiated heat to help the body relax.

In addition to relaxing the body, fireplaces work wonders to relax the mind. Our eyes are drawn to the movement of the flames, which is great for helping clear the thoughts of everyday concerns that run on a loop in our heads. Taking a few moments to bask in this non-distracted, peaceful state can even help reduce anxiety and restore focus.

Like the unpredictable nature of the flames, we must blaze with hope amidst the uncertainty of life. Embracing the unknown can actually be a source of comfort if we change our perspective and become open to new ideas. We admire the fire for the familiar solace and warmth it brings, but before it is able to crackle and glow, it needs a spark. Sometimes it can take a few tries before a fire gets lit, but once the initial flame is kindled, the fire expands and burns brilliantly in its enclosure. If you are struggling to cope in these cold times of uncertainty, you just need to find your spark of spontaneity. Take a moment to focus on the little things that normally escape your attention. With a little kindling and care, you can nurture this spark into a fire.