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On this warm and sun-baked Sunday morning, I have decided that I need to raise my overall spirits by participating in some early holiday decorating inside my home. Granted it is only November 8th, but I am confident that this yearly ritual of unboxing decorations that only see the light of day for a brief moment of time, will bring me some comfort in a year that is destined to have some unfavorable holiday restrictions.

As I make my way into my bedroom and place my small pre-lit pinecone and frosted green apple tree on my night stand, my eyes immediately dart to the cable box. There clearly displayed is 11:11, the specific number sequence that has become my new best friend since Barney died.

I know numerology suggests that the number 11 is a powerful number that represents inspiration, illumination and spiritual enlightenment, but it can also have a much deeper meaning and purpose if we believe that these numbers can be carriers of celestial beings. I would love to believe that my guardian angel is trying to convey divine guidance especially since I have researched that repetitive synchronicity opens our eyes and minds to higher messages that we could otherwise easily miss.

Since, I was meant to see this number once again today, I will take it as a sign that the universe gave me exactly what I needed. A small reminder that we cannot succumb to the negativity and chaos around us. Instead we need to reclaim our internal power and we must strive to coexist with all people on planet earth.

Barney, here is a special love filled sentiment that I would like to send back to you. If you had a little “paw” in making sure Mommy saw those magical numbers today, or if you put forth 111% of energy, rest assured that your message came through loud and clear.