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Streams of Happiness!

Streams of Happiness!

This September morning, the air is especially cool and the fall leaves with their speckled colors of burnt orange and crimson red remind me that we are in a season of change. I decide that today, I will venture out with my fanny pack tied around my waist and explore a brand new outdoor space.

As I make my way down a slightly rugged terrain, I can see and hear the sound of gushing water that leads to a natural stream that lines my path. The sight of the water spilling down the rocks instantly puts me at ease as I find an undisturbed spot to sit, think and write. With nature as my backdrop, I know that happiness can flow freely just like water in a stream.

We have all heard the adage “money can’t buy happiness”, but what if we took a financial approach to manage our emotions? Experts recommend diversifying your portfolio and creating multiple streams of revenue to attain wealth. This principle is widely practiced among entrepreneurs and business owners but when it comes to finding ways to feel genuinely content, many people get lost in their search. To be rich with joy, we need to create multiple streams of happiness in our lives.

A large portion of happiness comes from the interpersonal relationships we build with those in our inner circle. Investing our time with beloved friends and family is a great way to seek positivity, but we have to be sure not to overvalue the influence of the people in our lives. Limiting happiness to the presence of a close-knit group of loved ones can lead to dependency or disappointment. Instead, try to reconnect with an old friend or co-worker, or reach out to someone new who shares your passion.

Gratitude is also the hallmark of a happy person. When we focus on what we are thankful for, our perspective will shift and the negativity that was bringing us down will immediately lose significance in our minds. In trying times like these, finding that positivity can seem much more difficult. The unprecedented circumstances we are facing, may challenge our ability to find the silver lining in a given situation. The first step in reclaiming your joy is accepting that we are facing a struggle. Allow yourself to fully experience the emotions that wash over you. It is okay to give yourself time to adjust, but once you acknowledge what has brought you down, reflect on something small that you are grateful for in that given moment. Recognizing the beauty of the flowers outside can be all it takes to realize that there is a larger world beyond your daily routine.

As I watch the water dance and splash over the rocks one last time, I believe that genuine happiness comes from building multiple streams of joy in our lives. With a little bit of effort, we are capable of living a meaningful life and finding a reason to smile every day. After everything is said and done, we must remember, that we are priceless investments in our own portfolio of life.