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Sew Good for You

Sew Good for You

Why is sewing good for you? At its most basic, sewing requires us to focus both physically and mentally on a task. Sewing helps you work on your concentration. To sew, you need to pay attention, which allows you to focus completely on a positive activity. Also, it’s a step-by-step process - you can set your own speed - pausing when you like – completing your project at your own pace, in your own time – stitch by stitch.

This makes sewing a great therapeutic activity. You are taking time for you – taking time to be kind to yourself with a sense of achievement, self-confidence and being in-the-moment. It’s a healthy means of distraction and can provide an effective coping mechanism when you are overcome with sorrow.

Why is sewing a good coping mechanism? Sewing is a task that promotes the increase of dopamine in the brain, which is responsible for making us feel happier. When you are sewing, you are doing something purposeful with your free time while you are giving your mind a chance to relax and reset. You’re in a happy, healthy little bubble that you leave with a feeling of relaxation and accomplishment. Just being able to make or mend something does wonders for self–esteem. Even the smallest stitch can offer lots of satisfaction.

What does sewing mean to you? Symbolically, sewing can represent healing – mending something that is broken. If you are struggling with depression or loss, sewing can help you cope – the soft texture of the fabric through your fingers has a calming effect. You are taking the power to heal into your own hands as you stitch together the fabric of your life. You can make your project as easy or complicated as you like, or are able to manage at the time. Sewing allows you to stitch down the sorrow you feel from a loss, offering another path on the journey to healing your heart.