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Barney-My Heart Dog

Barney-My Heart Dog

Not each and every dog is a “heart dog.” A heart dog is a once in a lifetime soul mate – a relationship based on understanding, communication, trust and, of course, love. The bond is closer and stronger than most, able to endure all the challenges of living together. He or she is the one you click with - your heart dog “gets” you and you get him or her right back. Our heart dogs are part of who we are, there for us always – inspiring us to be better versions of ourselves. The connection is even more special than the average bond between a human and a dog.

I knew the moment I met Barney that we were destined to be together. I felt like he had been waiting for me and I for him. It was a moment of complete recognition - one soul’s recognition of another. I have never felt so connected with another being as I did with this dog. He was my heart dog and I am so grateful we found each other. Barney was my boy.

Every important relationship in our lives teaches us something. Barney taught me many things, above all patience and to deeply respect another being. He set me on the path that put me where I am right now. My path would never have been the same without Barney. He weaved his magic and helped me find my true passion and spark.

Barney crossed the rainbow bridge in the summer of 2019. It wasn’t until he was gone and I had to come to grips with the giant hole he left in my heart that I began to fully appreciate all he meant to me. He left a permanent mark on my soul, forever a part of my emotional existence, even though he is no longer physically here with me.

Losing a heart dog is deeply traumatic. The grief doesn’t end but you learn how to cope with it better. As time passes, I am slowly learning to balance my heartbreak with my desire to keep Barney’s memory alive. As days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, I now understand that grief and joy can co-exist - I’m beginning to enjoy the happy memories of the bright light that was my Barney, my forever heart dog.