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My story unfolds today in a most unusual manner. If I didn’t know better, I would think I was writing pure fiction, which I assure you this is not. The sky this Thursday is completely overcast with dark gray clouds gearing up for battle at any given moment. This slight inconvenience does not intimidate me in the least.

Instead, I slip through a missing piece of chain link fence that surrounds my office property and I start walking. I twist and turn down neighborhood roads feeling certain that my sneakers have actually been preprogrammed to get me to my destination.

After nearly forty minutes of quick paced walking, my feet decide it's time to take a much needed break on a thick, but slightly uneven cement curb. As I sit motionless, a small white butterfly, not only captures my attention, but encourages me to follow its flight path to a buttercup yellow house that proudly sits across the street. As my eyes strain to see additional details, I notice that there are more of these delicate creatures joyfully dancing in the front garden lawn.

My curiosity leads me to visually explore the large bay window of this home where I see a small religious cross triumphantly displayed. The symbolism of both seems too magnificent to ignore so I begin to appreciate the lesson that stands before me. Change is inevitable and the cycle of life is never-ending as we prepare to come out of our cocoons that we have been living in for months. We all have the ability to emerge as graceful and kinder human beings. When faith is present, anything and everything is possible.

My little “curbside pick me up” is coming to a close as a cool rain starts stinging both of my cheeks. I rearrange my hair with the turquoise crystal clip that has been keeping my hair piled atop my head, but I stop short. Until this very moment, I had never noticed that this specific clip, when fully expanded, is the exact replica of a butterfly.