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Winter’s Magic!

Winter’s Magic!

The temperature has fallen below freezing and I am filled with jubilation since snow is in the forecast. Those magical six-sided ice crystals will soon be blanketing my neighborhood as I run to my closet to make sure my UGG boots, ski jacket and mittens are poised to come out and enjoy the day with me.

I just love snow! Since as far back as I can remember, I not only wished for snow, but my appreciation for nature’s miracle has not waned for all these years. As a little girl, I always dreamed of a White Christmas, sleigh rides, making snow angels and accessorizing giant snowmen with plaid winter scarves from my Dad’s collection.

As I made my way into adulthood, walking in a fresh snowfall provided me with an unparalleled level of peace that was like nothing else I had ever felt. The sheer beauty of the white particles twirling from the sky and dusting even the smallest tree branches, made any worry effortlessly fall to the ground while delighting each and every one of my senses.

I am sure not all of you will share my joy for the subject of this week’s blog, but did you know that snow is nature’s way of giving us a free workout? When else do you get to walk in the middle of the street and slip and slide and feel a little like a kid again? Even being out in the snow for a short burst of time can provide an extra boost of energy while bringing us into the present moment and letting us have some good old-fashioned fun.

As I open my front door, I see the first snowflakes have arrived. I take a deep breath of the cold air and marvel at the thought of leaving footprints in a magical and idyllic winter wonderland.