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Stress Relief is at your Fingertips!

Stress Relief is at your Fingertips!

The sky is unabashed this Thursday morning as I marvel at the fiery burst of colors that stream outside my window balcony in a nearby secluded mountain top retreat. The cloud formation, with its quick forward movement, prompts me to scramble for my iPhone in order to capture this image in all its perfect glory.

I know, without being reprimanded by weekly Apple statistics, that my screen time has reached a new high this past week. Stress has blatantly invaded my 5’2” frame in an all too familiar attempt to lure me to feel off balance.

Our “new normal” with all its financial and logistical challenges, has made us spend more time behind a screen than ever before resulting in a temporary feeling of screen fatigue. In searching for a small slice of clarity in what would soon be turning out to be a chaotic morning at the office in less than two hours, I catch a peripheral view of the stress phone holder on my glass and metal nightstand. I was so focused on replying to an influx of emails and text messages that I completely disregarded the cheerful figurine sitting in front of me. Seeing my Sir Woofington phone grabber smile back at me, reminded me of how my Nanny loved stress balls and exercised with them daily for as long as I can remember. I was constantly on a mission to find her the perfect “one” which I gladly added to my list of responsibilities.

In the height of stressful moments, sometimes a welcome distraction is all it takes to put our worries at ease. Stress can cause us to develop tunnel vision, sending our minds into a hyper-focused frenzy that prevents us from seeing the larger picture. It is often when we take a step back that we are able to find the solution to what we are searching for.

Engaging our playful side can serve as a much-needed energy boost amid a hectic schedule. Taking time to do something fun, even if it is only for a few short moments, can help relieve tension that builds up from stress. Keeping small objects around our workspace or homes that make us smile can go a long way in brightening a stressful day. I give my Sir Woofington a few more quick squeezes and secretly hope that Nanny is smiling down at her granddaughter’s attempt to help others feel a little less stressed.