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Small Steps Forward

Small Steps Forward

I have always loved trees and nature. Ever since I was a little girl, trees fascinated me. Whether it was the breathtaking colors of fallen leaves or the way snow settled on the smallest of branches - they provided a nurturing and comforting sensation when I would go outside and take a walk.

Barney and I would go strolling every day in my neighborhood or the park, weather permitting. It was our routine. He looked at what fascinated him, which was either the deer, (he just loved Bambi) or making sure that I was the one doing the strolling. He just wouldn’t have it any other way.

In fall of 2019, when I no longer had my furry buddy to keep me company, just simply walking became somewhat of a task. I knew it would be hard, but I also knew that walking would be good for me because I really needed to reduce my stress and improve my mood. I started slowly – first learning how to change my focus and to concentrate on my breathing. Gradually, I found I was walking outside with a different set of eyes and ears. I listened and watched more intently - whether it was the symphony-like sounds of chirping birds, the ever-changing movement of the clouds or the sometimes chaotic flight patterns of the crows, I was there in the present.

As I was walking in a park one day, a little pink rock on the side of the path stopped me in my tracks. There was a message painted on the rock, “stay strong.” Without a doubt, I was meant to see that and I felt I was on the right path to heal. And so my walks became part of my healing therapy as well as a healthy habit. I found myself looking forward to clearing my mind. It was just what I needed to feel better – I hope it makes you feel better too.