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Loving Water!

Loving Water!

There is a small sliver of sky still peeking through my bathroom window as my night-time ritual begins. I have secretly stashed my favorite aromatic bath soak, which is currently unavailable to purchase, in a small zip lock bag for nights when I need it most. Tonight, is most definitely one of those nights when the Caribbean blue colored warm water will temporarily whisk me away to a place of serenity.

Science has proven that “blue space”, oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, can positively affect our well-being. Water, in all its majestic forms, is extremely therapeutic. Besides the physiological benefits like reducing muscle tension and staying hydrated, the sight, sound and feel of water can calm our busy minds by changing our more active brainwaves to theta brainwaves. These slower brainwaves are also responsible for providing us with more mental energy, creativity and better sleep.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that water makes up more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and a slightly higher percentage of the human brain. But I remember, as a small child, going down to the New Jersey shore and loving the water. Those memories of being in my parents arms, as we joyously jumped the small white waves, is forever part of my ancient history.

As I grew into adulthood, my parents and I still vacationed to places where water dominated. Swimming in the clear blue water, taking a ride in a banana boat or simply dining by water where we could soak in the view, were all moments to savor.

The mesmerizing sounds of water also play an important part in our daily lives. Whether it’s the crashing of waves, a rainstorm or a babbling brook, these forms of white noise have been successfully used as a complement to meditation as well as a natural sleep aid.

We may not have the ability to always be surrounded by large bodies of water, but we can learn to appreciate all that water can offer us. Tomorrow it is going to rain. Instead of allowing these raindrops to dampen my spirit, they will cleanse and bathe my spirit in a new and profound appreciation of this liquid wonder.