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Choosing Optimism!

Choosing Optimism!

The air is thick and uncomfortable as I venture outside to start my early morning walk. As I look for clarity to write this week’s blog, I look at my sneakers and mismatched socks as they hit the pavement with unbridled determination.

The twisted, darkened asphalt that has been laid on top to repair the imperfections on this road, is strikingly similar to life’s twists and turns that can happen in the blink of an eye. How we choose to handle our rocky road, can have a major impact on our entire journey.

My sister and I had the good fortune to be blessed with parents that believed in the power of positive thinking. That “Yes, You Can Do It”, method of communicating, carried us through adulthood and prepared us both for what was yet to come our way later in life.

Our Dad’s courage and positive attitude when undergoing cancer treatment, further guided us through adversity. His complete focus was on feeling better, enjoying meals together as a family, watching movies and playing word games, while consciously adding beautiful memories for us to hold on to long after he was gone.

Choosing “positive” over “negative” thoughts takes a great deal of work especially when dealing with the darkest of circumstances. I make it a point to set the tone of each day with a positive intention. If you just think or say something out loud such as, “I am going to have a great day”, your good thought will attract positive energy. Surrounding yourself with people that can inspire you to be your best self, can also improve your outlook on life. And, if you can demonstrate compassion towards yourself and others regularly, this too can create a greater awareness of purpose and fulfillment.

The harsh realities of life are constantly thrown our way. We may not have access to that perfect “Yellow Brick Road” from The Wizard of Oz fable, but what we do possess, is the ability to steer our thought process in the right direction. A choice that will ultimately make our individual road trips that much more enchanting.