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Best Buds at Rainbow Bridge

Best Buds at Rainbow Bridge

I must be dreaming. There is no other explanation for what I see so clearly in front of me, so I am just going to articulate my incredible vision.

It’s majestic. Meticulously landscaped grounds that are picture perfect and speckled with just the right amount of vibrant colors. I can feel the sun, which is warm, but not too warm, and green grass that truly looks and feels like velvet carpeting underneath my bare feet, coaxing me to step a little closer into this oasis.

I know where I am. I have arrived at Rainbow Bridge for a quick visit. I am so elated by this prospect that my heart starts beating a little faster, and as I look closer at my surroundings, I see only happy and healthy animals.  

My eyes focus a little bit more and there is my Barney. Those ears give him away immediately.  He is nestled up against a tree and engaged in deep conversation with three of his four-legged friends. Not only do I recognize his friends, but I am acutely aware that they all have first names that start with the letter “B”.

Their storytelling is in a language that somehow I am able to understand. Batman, my first little Yorkie, who loved toilet paper, toys and mile long walks, is comparing notes on my pet parenting skills with Barney. They have become bonded brothers and I am thrilled to report that they knew how deeply I loved them both.
Bumper, my sister’s short haired domestic cat, is taking a trip down memory lane as well. He is recounting the only day, so he claims, that he ever jumped onto the kitchen counter and started licking the chicken soup that she had made from scratch. (I secretly wonder if he is telling the truth, but for this moment, I will give him the benefit of the doubt).
Last, but not least there is Blacky. A lovable mixed breed that enjoyed taking car rides more than anything. He was reminiscing on how he helped his Daddy after a fishing expedition. He went from one backyard to another until he found an identical toy fish that he could proudly claim as his contribution to the pile.
My alarm goes off and my visit to this magical place has come to an end. I have no doubt that one day, I will smile from ear to ear when I am once again reunited with my amazing boys!