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Be Kind! It Rocks!

Be Kind! It Rocks!

With temperatures soaring high into the 90s this Saturday afternoon, I decide that staying cool and comfortable indoors is my top priority. As I go to pick up my crumpled pair of jeans near the foot of my bed, I notice that there is a slight bulge in the left rear pocket. I take out a smooth, but slightly jagged rock, that takes me back to where I found it nearly five months ago.

In March of 2020, my team and I started scouting different park locations for the production of an upcoming video to be featured on our Healing Hearts website. Little did we know, that within a few short days, we would not be seeing each other for months due to Covid’s diabolical and far reaching grasp.

That day had been so much fun, as we laughed, snapped photos, and eventually stumbled upon a grouping of rocks that was clearly identified as the “Kindness Rocks” project. Curious to know more about the meaning behind the rocks, we quickly learned about its mission to cultivate connections within communities and lift others up through simple acts of kindness.

The benefits of performing acts of kindness or even just witnessing them are widespread. These specific acts can be simply summed up with the phrase, “Pay it forward.” We can all ultimately feel happier when practicing random acts of kindness and the results can range from thinking with clarity to a heart full of love.

Try sending a friendly email or write someone a “thank you” note to show them how much they are appreciated. A simple “thumbs up” to someone who has directed you to find an item hiding on a supermarket shelf or a hand gesture to let a car sneak into your lane, will instantly put a smile on your face too.

I caress my unassuming rock one more time before putting it on my desk. The next time this little steadfast structure crosses your path, look at its enduring strength. You will be reminded that qualities like love, patience and kindness definitely “rock”.